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Who we are?

HB Reavis is a fully integrated property developer applying a unique and highly successful approach to the complete development chain, from identifying investment opportunity through to the design, construction and management of the resulting standing asset.

28 completed projects

We specialise in truly unique projects, with 28 distinct completed developments in our portfolio, and 25 more in the preparation or construction stages.

864 000 sq m

How much is 864.000 square meters? The total area of a town? Actually, it‘s the area of all our completed projects to date put together. And we look forward to increase that number even further.

460 people

Over 460 professionals in 6 countries apply their hands-on approach day by day to make us what we have become – one of the leaders on the European developers’ market.
Twin city Bratislava
33 Central London
West station I-II Warsaw

HB Reavis Slovakia a.s.

Adresa :Karadžičová 12, ,82108, Bratislava


IČO: 31346065

DIČ: 31346065

Web: www.hbreavis.sk

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